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Image by Felipe Furtado
ESEP Crew Members' Stories

Heet Joshi 

ESEP Crew One

For a geologist being on field is bliss. In the quest to understand this planet and it's processes, ESEP 2021 made it possible to reach one of the remotest yet most dynamic places on Earth- Ladakh. Adding on to the fun, it was a great learning experience that will resonate with me for the times to come. I am grateful to the entire ESEP 2021 team for the entire experience.

Rujal Pachchigar

Being part of ESEP brought a good light to various subjects other than geology too. Being a geologist in the field in this cold desert gave me a good learning aspect, working with ESEP and sharing knowledge on the various topics was very much fun and enthusiastic. A life long experience and memories have been made with the people of ESEP

Adishri Prakash Bhandarkar

ESEP provided me with an opportunity to learn about my subject of interest from some of the renowned geologists. The best part about it was that I got to learn by looking at live examples and outcrops, which was a great help. Also, I got to learn a lot about a few other disciplines of science which made the experience better.

ESEP Crew One

ESEP Crew One

Nidhi Goswami 

ESEP Crew One

As an aspiring astrobiologist, I was thrilled to be a part of ESEP which gave me my first experience of doing fieldwork in a Mars analogue site. The feeling of theoretical concepts coming alive in front of your eyes cannot be captured in words. Being part of an interdisciplinary science team, I also learned a lot about related fields like geology, geochemistry, atmospheric sciences and robotics. I have had great conversations with people, the opportunity to collect and work on samples from terrestrial Mars analogues and also some of the best memories created. I am grateful to ESEP for this.

Yashraj Patil 

ESEP Crew Two

The India’s First Earth and Space Exploration Program (ESEP 2021) Version for Ladakh Expedition (Himalayan Expedition) just boosted my whole scientific career and Today I am being honored as NASA’s GLOBE Superstar( for my phenomenal and record breaking Research and NASA GLOBE Program’s GLOBE Protocol Implementation at high-altitude regions while comparing my ground-based, in-situ observations with space-based data from NASA satellites and instrument such as Landsat and Terra MODIS which is the first ever record observation since 1994 ( When GLOBE Program was founded by NASA). All around the world, NASA and GLOBE helped me to present my research, experience to students, scientists and educators. Thanks to my NASA GSFC Mentors who helped throughout the process and special thanks to Dr. Siddharth Pandey, Dr. Binita Phartiyal, Ms. Bharti Sharma and whole ESEP Team who organised this phenomenal program and making my experience the most amazing one. I'm a Software Engineer but ESEP had helped me pursue my space science passion to next level giving me a new global superstar recognition.

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