Image by Steven Lasry
Earth and Space Exploration Program (ESEP)

ESEP enables people from all walks of life to learn about our planet and be a part of climate change and Mars exploration training.

ESEP has a resident team of the world's leading Earth and Planetary Scientists, who travel with the participants, the program focuses on the Earth's past (Formation and evolution of the region), present (witnessing the impact of Climate Change), and the future (preparing students to explore Mars). 


From the 10th of July 2022, ESEP invites individuals to visit, stay, and work in Mars-like environments in Ladakh, India. An 8-night 9-day expedition, guided by experts. Help us collect scientific data, study terrain features, and train to become Mars explorers!

Amity University's Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology is collaborating with various national and international partners to facilitate the educational activities of ESEP 2022.