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Selection of a theme

  • During the registration, participants can indicate their theme preferences.

  • Based on it, a personalised program will be prepared for them.

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Theme 1: Learning from the Past: Origins of Earth and Life

Learning Objectives:

  • Getting a sense of geological time, What can happen in a million years?

  • Formation of continents and the significance of tectonic activity.

  • Looking for signs of ancient life in craters and salt flats.

Things to observe:

  • Rocks and soil: sedimentation, stratigraphy, salt deposits, craters, cracks etc.

  • Fossils and microfossils.

Theme 2:  Observing the Present: Earth and Climate Change 

Learning Objectives:

  • Measuring key Climate Change parameters using hand-held instruments.

  • Learning from the Harappan civilization — the oldest known civilization in the Indian subcontinent. 

    • Living in environments, managing water and resources ​

    • What do they teach us about Climate Change? 

    • Bracing for Climate Change

  • Comparing current and ancient weather data. 

  • Sense of appreciation for Kutch as a Climate Change indicator and how humans impact the environment.

  • Seismic activity and measurements. 

Things to observe:​

  • How do droughts affect Kutch?

  • Changing environment

  • Life in a place with regular earthquakes

  • Societal impact: how has it affected the locals? What are their views?

Theme 3: Preparing for the Future: Mars Exploration

Learning Objectives:

  • The similarity between Kutch and Mars.

  • Observing life in Mars-like environments.

  • Testing technologies for Mars exploration.

Things to observe:​

  • Observing ancient Mars analogue features.

  • Impact craters: Luna and Dhinodhar Craters

  • Salt flats 

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